The architectural concept has been tailored for the fishmonger Umar Fisch, using the refinement of his cuisine on the Mediterranean fish, with a refinement and creativity. The central challenge was to give the space a sense of comfort and spatial quality despite the many glass surfaces: an old ship's floor, muted marine colors and an open kitchen - the emphasis in the development of the interior was on simplicity and freshness of the products, the use of clean reduced materials and an open outdoor indoor experience.

Umar Fisch GmbH
1060 Vienna, Austria
Oyster Bar, Vienna
Eco Resort St. Teresa, Costa Rica
House C, Spain
Hotel Bodrum, Turkey
Chinabar adW, Vienna
Umar Fisch am Naschmarkt, Vienna
On Market, Vienna
Berber am Naschmarkt, Vienna
La Linea
City Stay Vienna
DOP, Costa Rica
OFFICE 1010, Vienna